Front-end Management
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Complete Coordination

Compare a Typical Checkout Program Versus RS2's Simpler Program


Typically many retailers become frustrated by changing or updating their checkouts. Connecting with and engaging all the people needed to get things done, is very time consuming. Dealing with multiple outsourced companies, often costly. At minimum, it is often a big hassle. At most, it can result in greatly reduced sales and loss of profit. A typical scenario is where you engage a fixture supplier in one location, following which, multiple survey, transportation, installation and disposal companies are required to get the complete job done. Costs escalate. Your control suffers. Your frustration grows.





At RS2, we can coordinate it all for you without compromising your control. Through our transparent processes, our retailers have saved capital expenditures and improved profits, derived from sales and product placements, using less space.

We Work For You by Focusing on the Whole Picture

All Category Optimization

Review and analyze each category
Determine point of diminishing returns and ROI for each category
Committed to developing fixtures and displays that maximize sale per linear inch of fixture space for each category




Profit Maximized Fixture

Design the fixture to maximize total revenue from sales and placement fees
Design the display to merchandise the best selling SKU’s in the best locations
Design criteria is based upon a balance of :
Maximizing sales and profit center dollars
Material costs
Ability to delivery the product as economically as possible

Optimized Magazine Placement

Detemine the absolute best place for Magazines depending upon total revenue from sales and placement fees.


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