What We Do
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Display Manufacturing

Partner with us to create product displays that motivate purchase.

Our Display Manufacturing, Your Brand,Your Bottom Line.

We understand not only display aesthetic, but how displays can move consumers to purchase. Permanent displays provide visual appeal as well as strategic profit potential. We'll work together with you to optimize your selling space with unique and functional displays that reflect your brand and add to your bottom line. 

We have created racking for books and magazines, wine, party supplies, DVD's and more. Display manufacturing from concept, proof of concept, to full implementation, installation and disposal, will have you breathing easy throughout the process. 

You can count on:

• Partnered solutions for your new stores or renovations
• Vast expertise in design (over 40 years)
• Customized in-store fixture design
• Quality manufacturing
• Quality custom wood
• Acrylic fabrication
• Flexible Modular Acrylic Gondola Display Systems (GDS)
• Design plans and prototypes as required
• Signage as required
• On-time delivery
• Fixture installation
• Planned promotional opportunities


Our Footprint and Scope, Your Reach.

We’ll likely be wherever your stores are. Our national footprint ensures you receive full installation and disposal support at the retail level. At TNG, we use our 6750 plus employees across the US and Canada to ensure you have the best possible opportunity in the successful execution of your store set-ups and/or renovations. 

Our Options and Features,Your Competitive Advantage.

For permanent displays, choose from modular acrylic, melamine, wood, or a combination thereof. Our CNC routing technologies along with a computerized beam saw for bulk cutting capabilities ensures we are manufacturing attractive displays, efficiently, for you.  

Testing or introducing new products? Or perhaps you have a Movie Tie-in promotion? Temporary displays have power to jar shoppers out of their routine and provide them with ideas they may not have thought of. The result, a purchase you wouldn't have had today. Our network of multiple manufactureers, strategically geographically positioned minimizes freight.

You can count on:

• Value engineering 
• A partner in creating and increasing sales.
• Scalability that comes with our comprehensive infrastructure
• Timely and accurate delivery
• Promotion set-up and maintenance

Motivate shopper purchase.


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