In-Store Execution
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Data Collection

Be Assured Your Programs Are Up and Running

As a retailer, promotional programs sell more product to your shoppers. Store compliance is so important to prove the success of any particular program, we can help you collect the information you need. We can also help with out-of-stock issues so that you can reduce missed sales. 

As a promoter, you want to know that your efforts result in the optimal success and ultimately sales of your product. We can collect the information to help you make moves on opportunities and issues in a timely manner. Our data collection will also help you plan and execute more successful future campaigns.

Our customers are both retailers and brand marketers who are looking for efficient and effective implementation of store-level programs and activities. Our retail merchandising personnel are equipped with handheld computers that provide high-speed EDI data transfer. Our execution reports can be "real-time" and "customized."

Primary Services:

• Surveys
• Audits
• Shipper display validation
• Pallet display verification
• SKU display compliance
• Out of stock scanning
• Causal / Secondary display UPC collection
• Product date expirations
• Reorder/Inventory reporting


Additional secondary services available upon request.

Bring us your concerns and we'll work with you to ensure optimal in-store sales opportunities. 

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