In-Store Execution
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Area Specialties

 Check-out Impressions

The Check-out likely generates 3% of your sales, 4 to 5% of your profits with the highest traffic of any store department. It is also the last chance to make additional sales before a customer concludes their transaction. Studies have found that sales of impulse items at check-out increase by 30% when they are well-maintained. As such, the product categories that occupy your check-out space require an extra level of merchandising attention and know-how to capitalize on their substantial sales and profit potential.  

TNG understands the importance of effectively managing these high-touch, high-turn categories and has a proven track record of helping our customers capitalize on check-out sales opportunities. Our experience includes many of the top impulse categories purchased at the check-out:  magazines, candy, gum/mints, snacks, household items, gift cards and more.

 Check-out Samples

 Capture Front End Revenue

Having a well-maintained front end helps to welcome customers in and determine a shopper’s first, and last, impression of the store. Not only does it influence their purchasing decisions regarding the specific products displayed, but it can also affect their overall shopping experience within your store.

Through custom programs, our experienced merchandising team keeps your front end in-stock and on-target, helping you leverage this impulse area to increase sales.

 Front End Samples

 A Right-stocked In-line Sells

Many of today’s buying decisions are still made at the shelf, making attractive display and proper maintenance critical to brand awareness, and ultimately, sales conversions. Our experienced team makes frequent store visits, resulting in efficient product rotation and enabling us to quickly identify and correct out-of-stocks and voids. As a result, these products stay front and center and spend less time on the shelf and more time in the consumer’s hands.

Having well-stocked, well-maintained shelves allows for a better shopping experience and can lead to increased brand loyalty. When a customer knows they can find the items or brands they’re looking for, you become a destination of choice.

 In-line Samples

 Maximize Promotional Opportunities

Promotions begin in early January with Valentine’s Day displays and are constantly changing thereafter. Add to that seasonal displays, regional promotions and custom promotional needs, and it becomes a year-round task to ensure you’re providing your customers the right products at the right time and taking advantage of all the short-term sales opportunities available.

From point-of purchase (POP) displays, to end caps and full-scale promotional merchandising, TNG has a seasoned team with the knowledge and experience to build and maintain creative, effective promotional displays. We can also support your promotional sticker and sign placement needs to help increase visibility and improve sales.

 Promotional Samples

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