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Impulse Program

What's on your clips?

Most don't think that much about it, but the items on your clip strips can bring you incremental, impulse sales, or they can just gather dust. We're here to help ensure that you achieve incremental, impulse sales. We put the right product at the right place and then also make sure that it's there when your shopper walks by.

We match quality impulse products to your shelf offerings.

TNG Impulse Merchandising Program (IMP) is the most comprehensive and productive program that is designed specifically for grocery stores and the customer. We understand consumers lifestyles today and match those lifestyles with premium national brands and exclusive brands developed specifically for your retail store. Most TNG branded products are not available from competitors.

Six differentiating factors that will set your program apart and drive sales...



Brands - The best national brands and premium TNG brands

TNG IMP combines premium national brands and exclusive brands developed specifically for your retail store. Most products and the TNG brands are not available from competitors.


Assortment – Consumer focused assortment

Our products are focused on the food consumer and sales do reflect their relevance at retail. TNG IMP was developed for grocery stores and food consumers. We have edited out  toys, novelty and dollar store merchandise, and built assortments that are relevant to food, baby, pet  and HBC.


Pricing – Better pricing

TNG leverages its total supply chain efficiency (product sourcing, warehousing, transportation and service). You benefit from our lowest cost-to-serve impulse program. Your pricing at retail is competitive with mass retailers, without sacrificing margin.

Competitive pricing also improves your customer's price perception. Today, many of the items found in clip strip programs are 50-100% higher than retailers at mass merchants. Lower costs equal retail prices that are competitive with specialty, big box, department stores and mass retailers.


Display- The right product in the right place

Critical to gaining those impulse sales, the right product is in the right place in every store. TNG maps every store and assigns an IAC (item adjacency code) to each planogram section, so the right product is where we plan it ~ every store is managed in the TNG database.

Various options are available for product presentation: Clip-strip, in-line, and power panels.


Service – We touch your program with higher frequency than our competitors.

Typically stores are serviced with magazines. TNG's 10,000+ merchandisers are in 50,000+ stores every week to merchandise magazines and perform other services.  Our visit frequency enables us to touch every store at the frequency needed to your stores in a better in-stock position and to maximize your sales.


Distribution– We fit options to your business.

Choose from fully managed program or product purchase only, distributed through your distribution center.


Our Impulse Merchandising Program, Your Bottom Line 

Impact your total store pricing perception with PREMIUM QUALITYHIGH VALUE and TREND-RIGHT products. Your stores will benefit from increased sales and profit. You will make more money with the TNG IMPULSE MERCHANDISING PROGRAM (IMP). Gain higher margins while providing more value to your shoppers. The pricing ensures you are able to compete with mass, big box, specialty and department stores, while carrying lower inventory and improving in-stocks.

Inventory levels are driven by placement, capacity and sales. TNG's database drives minimum unit quantity by store and orders are based on weekly POS sales versus Merchandiser orders, gaining you more accurate replenishment. TNG IMP is the most efficient service model, with database management and POS-driven replenishment. 



Questions? Contact us. Tell us you are interested in General Merchandise and we'll have one of our experts get in touch with you. Click here. 

 Impulse Merchandise

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