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General Merchandise

Maximize your in-store opportunities with a general merchandise management program.  

Our Comprehensive System, Your Bottom Line.

While general merchandise product can provide incremental profit for your stores, they are often difficult to manage; the high/low swings of inventory cost you money, sell-outs cost sales and customer service quality suffers, plus, sometimes the sections just look bad.

Looking for a General Merchandise program that performs for your stores? TNG will customize your program and base it upon your needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. We will then manage it all, ensuring your sales opportunity is maximized, all with a manageable inventory investment. Your customers will find what they are looking for and have great choice, so you’ll gain impulse sales too, plus we’ll diligently maintain each section to give it eye appeal. 

We are a thought leader in general merchandise management and our comprehensive system works to service your needs efficiently and effectively and thereby add to your bottom line.

Our Footprint and Scope,Your Reach.

This week and every week, we’ll likely be wherever are, or you want to be. Our national footprint, coupled with our industry-leading transportation and logistics infrastructure, allows us to warehouse, assemble and deliver more than 3.6 million orders annually.

Combine our scope with local market knowledge and you know you’ll receive the support at the retail level. We’re in stores each week getting product, that your consumers are looking for, onto the selling floor to give it the opportunity to sell.

 You can count on: 

• Design, installation and management of general merchandise sections
• Custom sales-based programs
• Planogram development
• Product variety
• Product quality & packaging to reflect your positioning
• Cross-merchandised opportunities in: Deli, fresh, meat, dairy, drug,
   grocery, seafood and clip-strip programs where warranted
• Comprehensive perimeter store programs

• Unique fixtures that create space
• Clip-strip impulse purchase programs

• Certified W2 Merchandisers
• Regular and frequent call cycle based upon sales volume and location
• Order fulfillment and replenishment


Our Options and Features, Your Competitive Advantage.

We’ll use our sophisticated SAP backend technology, our operational system that allows us to pick up to 20 orders simultaneously and pack by category, our nationwide transportation network and our quality certified Merchandisers, to effectively and efficiently manage and maintain your general merchandise. Your competitive advantage is that your customers will notice, and respond. 

 You can count on:

• No hassle with a complete vendor-managed program
• Custom systems based upon your retail focus and requirements
• Enhanced consumer choice and product variety
• Maximized sales by ensuring the “right” items are in-stock
• Minimized inventory investment
• Maintained aesthetic quality of store sections
• Affordability of a managed program due to technology-enhanced, efficiently-run system 

Maximize opportunities


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