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Promotion Management

Magazine promotions and related product tie-ins increase consumer basket size. 

Promotional opportunities work in-tandem to highlight product(s), create excitement and gain consumer sales opportunities. Consumers seek out specials throughout your stores and it's a proven fact that promotions increase magazines sales. They also bring added exposure and excitement to other related categories.

Magazines play an essential role in enhancing the shopping experience by keeping your customers informed of fresh new ideas about cooking, baking, health, etc… and will help drive the sales of your other categories. 

We partner with you and your stores to develop great promotional opportunities that help you sell more product and gain additional revenues from the promotions themselves. We also work with Vendors, matching them with best-fit Retailers to create the best opportunities for everyone.

From themed temporary promotions, in-store marketing, cross merchandising opportunities, to establishing more permanent displays and checkout programs. Your displays will provide visual appeal as well as strategic profit potential. We plan, source out, design, procure and deliver sharp-looking graphics materials, displays and promotional options that work hard for you and add to your bottom line.

Whether it’s through checkout feature pockets, mainline promotional space, themed temporary corrugation, or permanent cross merchandisers – we offer both corporate and custom promotions to maximize your magazine sales.

 Promotion Samples - Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image

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