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Specialty Retail

Your Customers Have Passion, Ours Do Too.

Your customers are likely pretty excited about their hobbies, their activities and their projects. Publications speak to those passions. Consumers enjoy and trust content that has been painstakingly curated to appeal to those passions. Publications also inspire your customers to take on new projects, which often results in incremental sales for you.

We provide specialty retailers with books and magazines which focus on the needs of your customers. You'll be surprised at the number of publications appealing to their interests. Publications influence, and consumers that enjoy them, are in turn influrencers. The value of magazines reaches beyond the profit the category provides. Read more by clicking here.

Working together with our retail partners we design programs that build sales regardless of your retail orientation - if you have traffic, you will have sales. As a Specialty Retailer, you have unique needs, which we understand and work to meet.  

You can count on: 

A program designed specifically for you
Publications that make sense for your business
Quantities that drive optimal sales
Quick delivery of product with strategically located distribution centers
A risk-free investment - you return what you don't sell
The ability to tie into our national network infrastructure 
Custom displays that fit the space you have
Seasonal programs that drive sales
Incremental sales

 Contact us for more information. 

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