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Reading Category

Attract and maintain demographically desirable consumers and gain impulse sales.

Our Reading Category Programs, Your Bottom Line.

You may think that the landscape is changing for magazines and books and to a certain extent you are right. However, it continues to be a multi-billion dollar business and the question is, do you want a piece of that pie? Add these high-impulse, high-turn products to your store and reap rewards of habitual consumers who love and connect with the product and, they buy it in your store.

TNG will custom design your reading center program using demographic profiles to ensure you maximize your sales. We also design and incorporate promotional opportunities that work to highlight your books and magazines in order to gain consumer sales opportunities. Our turn-key promotional development, display programs, and in-store marketing options, all provide new revenue streams, sell more and add to your bottom line.

Are you looking for promotional opportunities?

We also incorporate promotional opportunities that work in-tandem to highlight product(s) and gain consumer sales opportunities. We create visual impact opportunities in predominate locations to maximize sales for products. Our promotional programs increase your visibility and provide you with more sales opportunities and new revenue streams. We offer you the options of complete promotional development, in-store marketing, vending retail space, advertising and truck advertising of brand product(s), to help you sell more and add to your bottom line.

Are you a specialty retailer?

We also provide expertise in logistics, in-store service, visual merchandising and category management to specialty retailers. Specialty retailers like Fry's Electronics and Home Depot provide their consumers with "how to" resources for their interests and benefit from impulse sales and profits, all which add to their bottom line. Click here to read more.  

Our Footprint and Scope,Your Reach.

We’ll likely be wherever are or you want to be. Our national footprint with local market knowledge, ensures you receive the support at the retail level regardless of the size of your store or retail chain.

We’re in stores each week getting the perishable magazine and book product, that your consumers are looking for, onto the selling floor to give it the opportunity to sell.

You can count on:

• Advanced category management
• Experienced national account management team
• Local market knowledge
• Comprehensive reporting
• Unmatched retail execution


Our Options and Features, Your Competitive Advantage.

With your custom program, your store will receive benefits in addition to the incremental sales and profits generated by these high-impulse purchase items. Consumers appreciate the enhanced shopping experience that books and magazines provide. They frequent the stores that carry them and actually slow down in them, which translates to higher basket sales.  

Magazine and book customers are generally more demographically desirable with higher basket sizes by up to 83%, on average. Plus, shoppers often purchase the items advertised in magazines in the very stores that carry them. By adding a book and magazines to your retail offerings, you gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Read more on the value of publications...

 You can count on:

• Network of partners working together to provide: Fulfillment, logistics and in-store services
• Customized magazine and books programs
• Print on-demand programs, customized printing
• Planograms and programs as required
• Fixture installation & maintenance
• Turn-key promotional development
• Promotion set-up & maintenance
• Timely and accurate delivery
• Timely and compliant merchandising
• Ongoing customer service surveys


GO! With impulse profit


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