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About Us - Distribution & Merchandising

We make deliveries happen, and fast...

Efficient delivery network

Each and every week, People magazine comes off the print presses, gets loaded into trucks and travels to our facilities across the USA and Canada. We then pick custom orders for our retail customers, integrate it with other products we distribute for that retailer, and transport it all to each and every retail location.

Once in store, we merchandise the product on the shelves, sometimes the day it arrives, or at minimum the next.  Our weekly visit frequency and in-store compliance is simply un-matched.

All this activity happens, within just a few days and this is only one of the products we deliver each and every week. Our vendors rely on us to ensure their product gets on to the retail selling floor more efficiently than any other means. 

Over 3.1 Million Retailer Visits Annually

Our reach is national, our focus, local. With TNG's broad reach and large infrastructure across North America, we effectively receive, process, consolidate, pick and pack, deliver and track well over 1.7 billion products each year with over 3.1 million retailer visits annually.

We know the back rooms and the people that work in them. You need something actually done at store-level, we take care of it. For years, our core service has been the wholesaling of perishable print media. We get “sense of urgency” and tactical implementation. Our 11,000 plus employees across the country in our distribution centers, depots, offices, and in stores, ensure your products are moved and handled with that same sense of urgency. Get your product on the shelf quicker with our in-store service

We operate in 42 states in the continental US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico and in Canada, our operations span the Nations. In the U.S., some of our major customers include: Kroger, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Albertson's, AAFES, Target, Publix, Meijer and Food Lion. In Canada, our retail clients include: Loblaw Group Of Companies Inc, Shoppers Drug Mart, Paradies Travel Retail, Safeway, London Drugs, 7-11, Indigo/ Chapters, BC Ferries, Overwaitea and Metro.

Extensive Expertise at Retail

Gain retail intelligenceCombined, our network and in-store presence provides opportunities in the marketplace to help retailers and vendors grow their businesses. From delivering excellent service in logistics, front-end and category management, merchandising, general merchandise management and displays, to gaining intelligence at the retail level and then being able to act on your behalf on that intelligence, sets us apart. We work with you to maximize your opportunities at store level.

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A Member of the Jim Pattison Group

TNG is a member of the Jim Pattison Group of Companies. Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Canada and with over 545 locations world-wide, the Pattison Group of Companies has a strong and positive market reputation, with most companies taking leadership status within their respective industry. This privately owned company is the third largest in Canada and includes a richly diverse mosaic of successful companies. Click here to read more.



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