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Client Case Studies

Check-out Solution

Retailer Challenge

A prominent US chain had a permanent display fixture at the checkout that was blocking access to the checkout end cap. Not only annoying to their customers, sales were stunted due to the design.

Retailer Objectives

The Retailer wanted an enhanced display that focused on the top-selling products with the optimal product mix, while still maintaining the existing SKU's. It was also important to reduce the footprint to allow easy shopping and accessibility for its customers.


RS2 redesigned the entire checkout fixture and reduced the overall footprint by 10", increasing access for consumers. The product categories were aligned to maximize sales of product and to ensure bestselling products were best represented.


In this case, the overall cost for manufacturing the fixture was reduced by 10%. The retailers costs for executing and installing the checkout program were reduced by over 15%. More importantly, there were improved profits from increased sales and the profit centers of approximately 25%.

Distribution Solution

Publisher Challenge

Our customers needed an efficient and cost-effective partner to distribute time-sensitive periodicals.

Publisher Objectives

They needed consistent and timelly inventory delivered weekly to retail outlets across North America. They also needed the pick up and processing of out-of-date magazine and book returns.


A custom distribution system manages thousands of magazine and book titles each week. Our trucks pick up hot-off-the press titles from printers across the country and transport them to our nationwide distribution centers for the pick and pack process. There, our just in time pick and pack system ensures weekly magazines were in and out within 24 hours for delivery to 18, 000 retail locations in advance of the on-sale date. When dropping off new issues, drivers also take back unsold copies.


Clients are able to maximize their revenue through increased sales due to efficient and timely distribution. Nearly 1.2 Billion units are handled annually throughout the supply chain process with an average of 1.2 million deliveries per year.

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