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Client Testimonials

Consistent and Accurate Store Service

“TNG has partnered with our company for over 4 years to provide field service to select retailers across the US and Canada.  They have a very strong management group that works closely with our team members to make certain that in store service coverage is consistent and accurate.  They also have been great allies in working with us on potential and new business acquisitions.  Recently we decided to execute a price change in a retailer under a very tight timeline.  Kim and Brad rallied the team and made it happen.   As Field Service Manager for our company, I have been very pleased with the level of professionalism and the collaborative nature of the TNG team in working through our service needs.”  
- Peggy Breznay, Field Service Manager ICU Eyewear

Front-end Initiative Was Flawlessly Executed

“We recently experienced a transition on our front-end check-out magazine/ candy racks. TNG managed this project for us and did an outstanding job. I have personally been through several of these re-racking exercises and this most recent initiative was executed flawlessly by TNG. I would recommend to anyone that they use TNG for their re-racking project.
- Leading Regional Grocery Retailer

Great Follow-up

“…they are doing a phenomenal job. I really like my contact. She does a great job following up. I would give her a 9 on being very responsive and getting things turned around when I do have an issue. She’s immediately on top of it and she gets me a response back within 24 hours. She also does a very nice job of making sure that from a management perspective she taps into feedback comments from her field team and gets those back to me so we have the most accurate information at our fingertips and our replenishment stays accurate.”
- Leading Home Improvement Retailer.

Collaboration and Communication With Retailer Best Interests in Mind

“They have exceptional follow-up. They’re great at collaboration and communication to the stores. They have our best interests in mind. If a problem does come up, they have it resolved as soon as possible. They try to make it as transparent as possible between corporate and the retail stores. They go above and beyond the call of duty. If I have special requests, they are more than willing to take care of them in an adequate amount of time. They assist on everything; they do analytics, anything pertaining to check stands, competitive insights, what we’re doing rights, what we’re doing wrong and where we could grow the category. They also have some input in our planograms creation. They do our strategic planning for the year ahead. I do have two wholesalers but I believe TNG is the best at what they do.”
- Leading Grocery Retailer

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