Who We Are
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Green Initiatives
Mindful Of Our Environment

Our environmental mandate is to be mindful of the impact we make upon our environment and to minimize that impact as much as possible. Critics of our industry would attempt to expose us as great wasters, however, all unsold magazine and book product is shredded, bailed and transported to recycling facilities. In the case of hardcover, trade and children's books, the books are returned to publishers upon the manufacturer's request, as full-copy returns. We do everything within our power to encourage efficiencies and promote environmental sustainability.

Corporate Best Practices

Non-critical computers and equipment are shut off when not in use.

We consistently move toward more efficient systems and equipment and retire the replaced equipment in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We have added high volume, low speed fans to our warehouse facilities to reduce energy consumption

All facilities recycle plastics, cardboard and waste paper

All facilities recycle plastic bottles, soda cans and other consumer packaging

All facilities recycle cartridge toner and IT waste materials

All Canadian deliveries have moved to once per week delivery to our retail client stores to conserve fuel and lower our carbon footprint

All Canadian TNG large delivery trucks operate under the "anti-idling" procedure

Fleet vehicles are converted to Hybrids or more fuel efficient vehicles, as leases are renewed. 

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