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Seeking Acquisitions

TNG is actively on the lookout for businesses or companies that might fit with our company. In addition to growing its existing businesses through acquisition, TNG is interested in expanding into new industries. The preferred acquisition criteria for such transactions include the following:

•  The business or company should have a capable management team that is interested in growth, and be operating in an industry with good growth potential
•  The particular business should have (or be capable of attaining) a significant market share, either within the industry as a whole, or in a sustainable market niche
•  As a general rule, TNG does not invest in “start-ups”, and is not interested in making “venture capital” investments, or acting as an "angel investor"
•  TNG prefers businesses that are non-regulated, non-cyclical and not technology-focused
•  If possible, TNG prefers companies with a diversified supplier and customer base
•  TNG is very cash-flow oriented, but is willing to invest (heavily if necessary) to support a well-researched growth plan
•  From a geographical perspective, while prepared to consider overseas acquisitions, the focus is primarily on North America

If you own, operate or work for a business that you believe might be a candidate for acquisition by TNG, or are aware of company or situation that might be of interest, please do not hesitate to confidentially contact either David Parry or Peter Olson using the contact information below.

David Parry
President - TNG USA
1955 Lake Park Drive, Suite 400
Smyrna, Georgia 30080
Peter Olson
President - TNG Canada
3320 South Service Road, Suite 200
Burlington Ontario L7N 3M6


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