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TNG Partners

Acculogix Distribution Services

AccuLogix Distribution Services excels at being the leading distributor of accurate and timely periodical distribution, efficient logistics solutions, throughout Western Canada, from the Acculogix facility located in Calgary to the point of consumption at stores ranging from Manitoba, up to the Territories and down to parts of interior British Columbia. The company provides an extensive service that includes: Assembly of time-sensitive products, storage of goods and effectively controlling the forward and reverse flow of product, including accompanying information. 

In late 2002, prevailing economic challenges of the industry prompted TNG to enter into a joint venture. A new company was formed called Acculogix. Today, TNG operates across the Prairies with a sales, service, and marketing focus as all operational aspects of the business have been contracted to Acculogix.


MagNet was formed by the leading magazine wholesalers to provide a resource for critical sales and marketing information to the publishing industry. Today, the information in their database represents 98% of magazine category allocation, return and sales volume for over 6,000 titles sold in more than 100,000 retailer locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The Magnet database also includes both magazine and book point of sale information from several leading retailers that is updated daily on their website. Magnet also provides access to historical RDA sales information and title authorized lists for most major retailers, checkout plan-o-grams, and other valuable marketing information utilized frequently by their clients.

MagNet continually adds new information beneficial to the marketing efforts of publishers and their affiliated companies. Click here to view their website.


Serving the unique needs of Canada’s specialty retailers, MediaLogix handles distribution to niche of small volume periodical and book product to specialty or functional consumer marketers.

Consumers, passionate about their respective hobbies, are loyal shoppers of the currated and bundled content that magazines provide. They seek out their favorite titles and will return to stores that carry them. Retailers rely on the precision marketing strengths that Medialogix has to offer.

For more information, visit their website.

Prologix Distribution Services

ProLogix utilizes a state-of-the-art logistics system that was specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of its customers. Through an extensive service offering that includes warehousing, order assembly on highly-automated ‘perfect pick’ tie lines, delivery, in-store merchandising, return processing and reverse logistics, they handle a variety of products including magazines, books and other general merchandise.

Through the expert Prologix logistics, assembly and delivery of more than 1 million just-in-time orders annually, TNG is able to service our valued Ontario retail customers.

Mountain City News and Ottawa Valley News evolved into a joint venture in early 2002 called Prologix. In the same way as the Prairies, TNG continues to operate across Ontario with a sales, service and marketing focus, with all operational aspects of the business contracted to the joint venture – Prologix. For more information, visit their website.



Through our partner “Retail Support Services, we offer our customers retail display allowance and incentive dollar collection services from publishers and distributors.

In addition, RS2 offers checkout lane management service to assist not only in the optimum display of the magazine products, but also to maximize the dollars available to our retailers. Proprietary software qualifies positioning and placement on the racks. For more information on RDA and RDP, click here.  

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