General Merchandise

Save time. Save Money. Stop shoppers from moving their dollars to competitors.

Distribution Made Simple

Think like a shopper for a moment.

You’re looking for a specific product, but it’s difficult to find or sold out.

You could settle for something similar, but the sloppy, confusing product display makes you abandon the purchase altogether.

What if shoppers are leaving your store for the same reasons?

shelves of wine in grocery store


We’re experts in all aspects of product movement from delivery logistics to sales—and we know a vital part of your sales includes merchandising. Our merchandisers stock and restock products on a weekly basis. We develop fully-managed general merchandising programs that include kitchen gadgets, bakeware, barware, health and beauty, pet and cleaning accessories, and more.

Find out how our Impulse clip-strip program builds bigger baskets.


We customize our general merchandising programs to fit our retailers’ needs, so you can focus on your core business. We position products so shoppers can find them quickly. Maximizing the variety of product choices and maintaining eye-catching displays are both critical parts of TNG’s complete vendor-managed program. In addition, we:

  • Stock on-trend, high-value items
  • Minimize inventory investment
  • Deliver high-quality products and packaging
  • Install unique fixtures that create space
  • Make regular and frequent calls based on sales volume and location
  • Order fulfillment and replenishment
  • Employ 10,000+ certified W2 merchandisers
  • Boast a customer base of 50,000+ stores nationwide
  • A complete warehousing, fulfillment, distribution, and logistics system


TNG’s general merchandising program means a “win-win” for you and those who shop your shelves. Your consumers win because they find what they want—when they want it. (And at the right price.) You win because you’ve got a hassle-free merchandising program in place that moves products and maximizes sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets TNG apart?

Our goal is to build bigger baskets for you and as such we have a curated assortment of on-trend, high-value items. POS sales replenishment and TNG merchandiser stocking and restocking ensures less inventory and greater sales opportunities.

How many times a week does TNG merchandise my product?

We will merchandise your product, depending upon various factors including sales volume and product turn rate.

What brands do you carry?

Our model allows top national brands such as OXO, Sistema, and Blender Bottle to participate. In addition, we have a line of direct-sourced products for food prep, entertaining, baby, pet and HBC. Eye-catching, with high value.

How Can We Help Move Your Business Forward?

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