Capture them in that moment. Capture those impulse opportunities. Build bigger baskets.


Right there, in that moment, your shopper is thinking, “I need to grab some apples for the kids.” Then, he notices that impulse item placed perfectly in his line of sight. He thinks, “I hate cutting apples. This is perfect.” He drops it into his basket, along with his fruit.

Helping build bigger baskets is only part of what we do. We also:

    • Tailor programs to match your desired customer experience
    • Map each and every location, matching product to store section with a permanent home. Read more here.
    • Plan to capture shopper attention in that moment to create that ‘need’
    • Stock on-trend, high-value items
    • Deliver high-quality products and modern packaging
    • In-store service without the need to inflate product pricing
    • Reinforce customer loyalty through positive experiences with the product
    • Appeal to the market segments that matter for your store


We get it, today’s retail environment is changing. Everything in your store needs to work in synergy to your brand – your impulse items included. Then why do so many clip-strip programs result in stores looking like dollar or toy stores, versus grocery stores? If this is your store, you may want to read this article.

By putting the right item in the right place, you align with your shopper and get results for your stores. TNG offers 7 unique brands + national brands, all with strong shopper appeal: High-value, on-trend products that include kitchen gadgets, bakeware, barware, health and beauty, pet and cleaning accessories, and more.

Simple System For You

No case lots.

No running it through your distribution centers.

No worrying about labor hours to display it.

Strategic permanent placement via our proprietary plan-o-gram system.

Replenished using your POS data.

All this is what we simplify for your stores.


We help you tailor your impulse and clip-strip product selection to your consumers with our Impulse Management Program (IMP). We position your most popular last-minute, “Hey, I do need that!,” products in the right place for your consumers to see at the right time. The result? Satisfied, loyal customers and bigger baskets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets TNG apart?

Our flexibility and ability to meet all of your program and distribution needs. For example, our warehouse receives more than 100,000 units of product by 5a.m., and the product is often on sale at retail that morning.

How many times a week does TNG merchandise my product?

We will merchandise your product as needed, depending upon overall volume and product turn rate.

How are you able to reduce inventory?

If you were to run this program internally, your buying would be based upon case lots. Utilizing our system, we only ship you what you are selling, so you don’t have stock sitting in the backroom getting dusty.

How Can We Help Move Your Business Forward?

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