The TNG Legacy.

For more than a century, we’ve transported millions of pounds of product and transformed stacks of shopper data into strategic in-store solutions. In the process, we’ve fulfilled even the tallest of customer orders, while delivering the highest standards of service.

More than a century strong. Delivering from the start.

Delivering Success

We’re not just tooting our own horn. Some of our most recent successes are the result of our work with widely recognized names and brands.

For example, our infrastructure and field force won a delivery contract from Navajo Inc. to deliver more than 5,000 sunglass racks to date nationwide. And SodaStream has us delivering their products to various retailers in Canada.

We’re equally as proud of our new customers as we are of our existing ones, who grow their relationships with us. Kroger recently expanded our partnership by trusting us with a nationwide project to change out their stores’ front-ends. We removed outdated checkout fixtures and replaced them with more efficient ones in 2,100 stores.

And while we’re excited by our successes, we remain humble and never lose sight of our roots and our values.

Grounded in our history

Before the advent of the internet, cell phones, TVs, or even cars, two young Canadian boys from meager beginnings, who’d never before crossed paths, discovered they had a shared vision: starting and growing a delivery service so they could support and feed their families.

They set out in different parts of Canada to deliver newspapers as a source of income for their families. However, E.H. O’Brien and H.H. Marshall were anything but average paperboys. They were entrepreneurs, and from the humblest of beginnings, they built leading distribution and delivery companies in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, respectively.

In over 110 years, we’ve gone from delivering papers via hand wagons to a 1,300 strong, on-the-ground fleet. Now we’re a team of more than 15,000.

Today, TNG is backed by the Jim Pattison Group, a private company with $10.1 billion in sales, 605 worldwide locations, and more than 45,000 employees.

Recently, the JPG group sold the magazine distribution arm in the United States to Chatham Asset Management. For more information, click here. To view the ANC website, click here.

Although we come from humble beginnings, we’re no longer just transporters. We’re movers and shakers. We don’t just deliver goods; we deliver on promises.

Moving Ahead

Well into our second century in the industry, we continue to expand via strategic partnerships and acquisitions. We’re always interested in speaking with companies that have a diversified supplier and customer base, much like our own. If you own, operate, or work for a business that seems suitable for our brand, we’d love to hear from you.

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President – TNG Canada
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President – TNG Retail Services
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